Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Loose Ends

Long time, no post.

Since last time, the reign of Dischord and Dynne has come to a close — live acts will continue next semester at the same time (Fridays @ 10pm EST), but a different DJ will be at the helm. Be sure to still tune in!

Now, for some closure:

First up, here are the Peace Creeps and The High Seas performances from a few weeks back. Also, the Dry Hump recording has been available for a little while, though I've never explicitly posted about it.

I've uploaded a lot of old performances to Mediafire and linked to them from the side bar, so be sure to snag any performances that you may have missed. I'm still trying to round up a few of the missing ones, and I'll be sure to post them when/if I find them.

Next up, over at WHRB we're in the full swing of Orgy season, where we devote large chunks of air (anywhere between 5 - 40+ hours) to a single artist, genre, record label, or idea. Some great ones have already taken place, including Slumberland, Jonathan Richman, and the Old Time Radio Plays. A full listing of Orgies for this season can be found in our Program Guide at

Tonight is the second to last night of the 25 Years of Record Hospital Orgy, where we're recapping each of RH's 25 years of existence through relevant music, guest sets and stories from alumni, and whatever else we see fit. Starting tonight at ~9:15pm (i.e. now) we'll be plowing through the end of the 90s and into the early 2000s. It all wraps up tomorrow night, so be sure to tune in from 11pm til we wrap up at 5am.

Lastly, just want to put in a little plug for my own orgy coming up this weekend. On the nights of Friday and Saturday, Dec. 10th & 11th, WHRB will be highlighting the work of one of my favorite labels (even disregarding the fact that they're from Ohio, which is fantastic) Columbus Discount Records. Thanks to the generous guys at CDR, we'll be playing through their entire catalog (including those rare Singles Club releases) and doing some dramatic readings of interviews throughout the course of the night. Be sure to tune in!