Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keeping Shop

A couple of updates before I get time to flesh them into legitimate posts...

First off, Eunuch utterly slayed last Friday in-station. Big thanks to the girls for playing and sticking around to help dj. Definitely probably the first time that Whodini has graced an RH time. I'll be posting mp3s from their performance soon.

Next up, news on live performances. Today both Big Big Bucks and Made in Mexico confirmed dates for performances-- check out the updated info to your right for dates.

In honor of Halloween, Candace and I will only be playing cover songs this Friday. Check out the awesome MSPaint flyer, courtesy of Google Images and the Design School computer that somehow doesn't have Photoshop:

Lastly, just an update on actual shows. I'm heading out with Catherine tonight to see Sinaloa, Daniel Striped Tiger, Cantene, and Fourteen Foot One. I haven't heard the last two guys yet, but I'm excited both because I haven't seen the first two in forever (not to mention that they're two of my favorite bands around) and because the show is absolutely free! Emmanuel College. Almostshouldabeenthere~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zola Jesus - Poor Sons 7" (Die Stasi)

Today I received a package from Die Stasi, one of my favorite record labels only in part because it's so close to my heart. The label is run by Lane Hooker out of Findlay, Ohio-- just 40 minutes north of my hometown, and where most of my family currently resides. How sentimental, right?

Anyway, I've enjoyed a lot of their releases over the past year (the growing catalog includes 7"s from the Wrists, the Frustrations, and both a 7" and LP from Television Ghost), but the two discs I received today-- the Zola Jesus Poor Sons 7" and Leper Print's single Coma-- are both my favorites of the Die Stasi releases so far. The label basically defines what I love about the midwest right now-- lots of fuzz, distance, and dissonance, and enough of a creep-out to make it memorable. Check them out if you're into anything along the likes of Psychedelic Horseshit, Blank Dogs, Cheveu, etc.

As for the releases themselves, Zola Jesus has been my favorite of the two so far.

Hailing from Wisconsin, the "band" on recordings is made up of a single member, Nika. Her haunting vocals mixed over simple, piano-driven beats serve to make the tracks sound as if they were the favorite 80s soundtrack you were trying to remember through the distortion of years of drug-induced haze.

Download Zola Jesus - Poor Sons 7" (Die Stasi 2008) here and be sure to also check out Zola Jesus's myspace for tracks from both this 7" and her latest, Souer Sewer, out now on Sacred Bones Records.

Friday, 10/24 - EUNUCH live on RH

Check the girls out on their myspace.

Listen in at recordhospital.org.

The machine commands you.



Woop, here it is... again.

Stay tuned for playlists from my show, crucial listens, and clips from live bands and interviews recorded at the station. Most of all, though, let me know if you have any requests-- show or otherwise.