Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Laid on WHRB

The title says it better than I ever could.

12/5, 10pm -- Get Laid on WHRB, right before the start of orgy season.

How appropriate.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Walled in and Made up

Big thanks to everyone who came out to the Walls show, and especially to Scot for sending the show my way. Each band put on a spectacular show and I'm really glad we got to help out with the event.
I want to apologize to everyone who got turned away-- the cage was filled to maximum capacity pretty early, but luckily we were able to let a few more in as others deserted throughout the course of the night.
I lost my camera a bit ago so unfortunately I can't provide pictures, but some pretty good shots from the night can be found on Catherine's blog and various other places around the internet.

I was both bummed and relieved that some people ended up leaving after Mind Eraser played. On one hand, Walls didn't play to a packed cage, but on the other hand, people didn't have to watch them play in a packed cage. The turnout and energy were still amazing, though, and the Cold Sweat reunion at the end was definitely something to experience.

I picked up a couple 7"s from Quinn's distro I-Deal, as well as the new Walls LP at the show, and can't wait to give them all a listen within the next few days. Be sure to call in to the station (617-495-WHRB) and request to hear the new stuff.

Anyway, last update--
Made in Mexico will be stopping by this Friday to play some songs over the air. They'll be playing some tracks off their latest album, Guerillaton, so it'll be a great way to preview the disc. I'm pretty excited about this, as I've been trying to coax these guys in for almost a year now. FRUITION!
As always, shit will get started at 10pm and the recording will be up for download on this page after the broadcast.

Blahdy blah,

Monday, November 10, 2008

A plethora of WHRB downloads and a few Fucked Up covers

You want downloads? I've finally got 'em.

Check out Ho-Ag's performance from 10/3 and the set from Eunuch on 10/24. These will also be up on the Record Hospital website sometime within the next week.

The Big Big Bucks played a great set in-station last Friday to a pretty sizable crowd for our in-station standards. Be sure to grab the performance here and to check out their new full length that will be coming out soon. Keep an eye on their website for updates.
A big thanks to Jack Younger from Basement 247 Studio in Allston, who helped give me some pointers on the sound and our own equipment. Hopefully I'll be learning some more things from him soon (and possibly interning at the studio), so that should be fun. I also feel like this is the best quality recording I've produced so far, so I'm pretty happy with how things are going. This promises good things for Made in Mexico on the 21st.

Last matter of actual business-- RH/Girly Shit is helping put on what promises to be a killer show at the Quincy Cage this Friday, so we won't be having a band in-station. Candace will still be playing tunes, but I'll be helping set up/ playing doorman for the punx instead.
Come say hi-- doors are at 7, show is $8.
If you've got questions, send 'em over to girlyshtcambridge (at) gmail.com

And as an end note, as I promised Dan about forever ago, here are the Fucked Up cover EPs. Both of 'em.
Tracks with Manno singing are the best, [eff] the naysayers.

Back to the homework~