Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shit Show, this Friday.

Same time, same place.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

you are amazing and you need to read this right now do you like my voice like this

Papers all finally turned in... just two exams to go.
It's now time to goof off. Ahoy, internet!

Here are a few things to check out--
1) General Interest recording from 12/12!
2) Chris Dodge interview from the Slap-a-Ham Orgy
3) The side list of upcoming events-- I'll be updating as I get final confirmations!
4) Some of my friends and I are starting a blog for digital mixtapes we make. They'll be posted on i do very little to talk about if anyone's interested. It's the last time I'll mention it, though-- keep this blog moderately untainted.

Alright, that's about it. Now I'm off to visit Tjolgtjar land--
tune in at 95.3fm and check out the interview (posted later tonight/tomorrow) at recordhospital.org.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Orgies and FESTation

It's that time of year-- the post-holiday crunch, the time when thousands of undergrads make their way back to Cambridge (I'm pretty sure we're the only place to do this anymore) only to have their hopes, dreams, and sleep schedules crushed by papers and exams.

On that note, hope everyone had a great holiday.

a few matters of outstanding business:

1) General Interest recording to be posted within the next week.

2) Orgy Season-- check out the schedule and full descriptions at whrb.org.
A few have already happened, but a lot of great ones are still on the schedule including Tjolgtjar (listen in if not just for the interview), Corin Tucker, Slap-a-Ham Records, Brian Eno, Do the Dance (collection of dance tunes over the years, curated by Dinos) and Our United States (a run down of bands with Presidential names, fit for inauguration day).
Tune in!

3) New dates confirmed for in-station shows:
Feb. 6th - Magic People
Feb. 27th - Planned Communities

We're just starting planning things, but right now the tentative date is April 10th and 11th-- Mark your calendars.