Saturday, December 6, 2008

Got Laid

Great time last night. Thanks to the band for coming out, and especially to Shannon for roughing it with her knee.

Download their set here.

If you like what you hear, be sure to check them out Dec. 15th with Fruit Salad and Ramming Speed at Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge, or, if you're outside of Boston, check out their upcoming tour schedule on their myspace.

Also, the bassist, Alex, is one of the members of H.E.L.L., a non-profit group that gives out free helmets to those in need (i.e. everyone who rides who doesn't have a helmet), and there's a sweet benefit show coming up for the organization.

Check it out:

Saturday, Dec. 13th, at the Papercut Zine Library (45 Mt. Auburn St. in Cambridge). I'm not sure the lineup listed on the flier is completely accurate, but the other info is-- early show and only $5 for a great lineup, whatever the final one ends up being.

General Interest live next Friday. It'll be the last live band until February. Stay tuned for this season's orgy schedule.

Back to the grind (and maybe to grab some food along the way),

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sí se puede

Sorry for the lack of posts lately; it's been super busy around these parts. Hopefully after mid-next week I can get back (or start) posting regularly, oi.

At any rate, here's Made in Mexico's live set from two Fridays ago. The night was a lot of fun; I love it when there's a crowd of people in the studio, and the band bringing their own lighting (first ever) was a nice touch.
The set features a lot of songs off the new album Guerillaton, so be sure to check it out on Skingraft Records-- the LP packaging is die cut and, I think, is actually costing them money to put out, so you should buy it even if you dislike the disc, if only in an attempt to bankrupt them. That is my two cents.

Get Laid tonight.
10pm, 95.3fm or
Here's a flier, courtesy of Catherine's artistic genius: